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It is a process of individual improvement, and without a follow-up guided by another person. This method allows participants to approach the optimal performance requirements in their current role within the organization.

This modality is fundamentally oriented to people with a high level of discipline and self-confidence capable of overcoming difficult moments. In this case, the action plan must be defined during the process of feedback to the individual, which is carried out by an external consultant with the purpose of guiding the participant.

It implies, on the other hand, a previous effort of the organization, since it must provide the necessary resources to the person for their self-development.

This variant has the advantage of not being very expensive, and the program depends mainly on the participant, which allows it to be implemented with great ease. However, it requires for its effectiveness a commitment and a high degree of discipline on the part of the individual. On the other hand, it constitutes a standardized development approach, while it is less individualized where the person receives very little support from a specialized person, which can cause the subject to the desert.